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The ONLY company that helps black Entrepreneurs in South Africa build thriving businesses.


Changing the Landscape of Black Entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Truth be told, your struggles as a black entrepreneur are ubiquitous. From the lack of financial resources, unavailability of mentors to red-tapes on the market. The list is long. And the only way we can overcome these hustles is by empowering each other.

That's where the Darkie Group comes in.

Darkie Group is an ICT company that believes in the power of capacitating black entrepreneurs in South Africa to curb poverty, reduced inequality and grow the economy. Through our house of brands, commitment to technology and allegiance to black empowerment, we are changing the landscape of black-owned businesses and solo entrepreneurs in South Africa.

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On your right, are our brands. These brands give us freedom to deliver on our mission of empowering black entrepreneurs in Africa to do business with excellence in the information age.

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