Hey, Welcome to the Darkie Group.

We create and operate internet brands that help black entrepreneurs in South Africa do business with excellence.

About the Darkie Group

Darkie Group is an ICT company that believes in the power of capacitating black entrepreneurs in South Africa to curb poverty, reduce inequality and grow the economy.

Through our house of brands, commitment to technology and allegiance to black empowerment, we are changing the landscape of black-owned businesses and solo entrepreneurs in South Africa.

But what exactly do we do? Good question.

We create, own and operate internet brands to help black-owned businesses and solopreneurs do business in the digital age. .

Our mission is to empower black entrepreneurs to do business with excellence. The intention is to break the stereotype of black-owned companies being associated with below par service.

At Darkie Group, we dare say that black entrepreneurs in South Africa and Africa, in general, can build world-class companies. But they need to be given a chance. So we took it upon ourselves to create an ecosystem that will empower and capacitate black entrepreneurs to build these businesses and steer the economy forward. And we are using the internet as a vehicle.

Darkie Group brands and businesses include Darkiemall, Darkielocal and Darkiebooks.

Darkie Group was founded in January 2018 by Bandela Mgoqi. We are proud to call East London in South Africa our home.


What We Do

These brands give us freedom to deliver on our mission of empowering
black entrepreneurs in South Africa build thriving businesses in the information age.


Darkiemall is an online marketplace powered by black entrepreneurs in South Africa. The platform empowers black entrepreneurs in South Africa to market and sell their products via their designated online stores to consumers in South Africa and beyond.

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Darkielocal is a powerful search engine for black-owned businesses in South Africa. You can find a range of businesses on the platform such as BnBs, Carwash, Pub, Restaurant, Spa, Tshisanyama and more

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Darkiebooks is an online store that markets and sell a variety of books written by and for black authors in South Africa. The store operates on the Darkiemall platform.

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Company Location

Darkie Group is headquartered in East London, a coastal city in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.

Our Contact

Head Office

38a Harburn Road,
East London, 5241

+27 (0) 43 721 1223

CEO's Office

Bandela B. Mgoqi

+27 (0) 43 721 1223

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